Full and Partial Denture

About Full and Partial Denture

 Dentures are used when a person wants to replace any tooth in their mouth. Dentures are very affordable and the result is very positive as you will get relief within 2 weeks but you have to follow the guidance of diet plan for one month to give time to your denture to stay for long because these case have very long success history and help people in future health and for a confident smile.

There are two types of dentures present in denture treatment: one is full denture and other one is partial denture both have little bit difference and process and procedure and time is equally same but the period of getting relief is different in both.

Full Denture (conventional and implant support):

Due to tooth decay or gum disease, the teeth become unmanageable and also cause other dental diseases as well. When the full denture which means when you lose all-natural teeth at that time you will get full dentures with support of implant procedure. This has a beautiful procedure of providing you with a bright smile restore.

Then the tooth loses due to many cases as the people use denture to restore their smile. Replacement teeth build based on the past structure of your natural teeth. This also provides your new white and bright smile back to you.

Partial Denture:

When anyone loses one or two teeth and has people in while eating the food or due to an accident the person lost the front tooth and you feel that less confident. At that time the partial denture treatment will give your smile and health back to you. A partial denture also shifts the risk of losing the natural teeth as you get the support of the artificial teeth which help your neighbour teeth to stay straight.

Most partial dentures get metal framework when they are getting design according to your mouth structure. The advanced technology which used to provide proper and correct information about the other teeth so that the partial denture will get the proper support and in future that denture will support your natural teeth so that you naturally stay with you for a long time.