Panoramic x-ray

About Panoramic x-ray

It is is very important x-ray in the field of dentistry because when the dentist is making a plan and strategy they need to know about the structure of the patient mouth for which they need Panoramic X-ray and that is usually taken when a patient wants a treatment of dentures, extraction and implants.

When you go for Panoramic X-ray you don’t need any preparation at all. You will get instructions to remove the items which are made of metal as you will inhale a small dose which helps to capture your whole mouth. This dose is of ionizing radiation which is important for capturing sensors. We suggest not to wear any jewellery or any glasses at the time of X-ray because these things can disturb the x-ray sensor. This X-ray left radiation so you will get a lead apron which works as a protective cover to protect your body for any type of radiation exposure. If you are pregnant, according to us you should share this with your dentist before any type of X-ray