About Invisalign

Everybody knows that today’s modern technology has a solution for any problem and modern technology introduces the ultimate camouflage. Aligner these aligners have a special point which is different from traditional braces but both have the same work that straightens your teeth. The points of Invisalign is that in this you will going to use a plastic tray yes this plastic tray will help your teeth for straighten and the best part about this aligner is that this is invisible and have no wires at all even the problem of metal, springs or band which disturb a lot nothing is included in the latest Invisalign.

How does Invisalign work?

Every person has a different structure of teeth due to which nobody can use any other Invisalign for the same purpose. That is why the dentist will create a model of your teeth with the help of images of your mouth structure and x-rays. When the model is ready they will send it to the lab to make a tray for you according to the size of your mouth structure. The aligner will provide a little discomfort in starting and that is the plus one of Invisalign because this discomfort will provide the best result and finish the process of strianten teeth in a very few months.