About Clear-Correct

 One of the best options if you want to straighten your teeth by just using medical-grade plastic which helps you to clear aligners look invisible. In the orthodontic process with the help of tries, it will clean the eating so that patients become comfortable as there is no use or wires, elastic etc you do not take any worry related brackets.

After treatment, you will feel nothing but your teeth will feel a continuous pressure which will force your teeth towards straighten due to trays, the result of this treatment is faster than any traditional braces treatment. Most of the people switch from braces to this treatment due the fast and quick action and do not need to take care of brackets and wires while you are eating and in the clear correct no one see your trays as they are invisible and you beautiful smile will get affected which they used to get effect when the people use braces.

When you visit Confi Dental in your first visit we will share about your treatment process and about the requirement we want like photos of your mouth structure with the help of x-ray and latest technology which is called 3 D scanner of your teeth. After the treatment, you will get an appointment of 2 days in a week to see the result and our expert will share about the process and result to you by checking manually.

Benefits of Using Clear Correct

  • They are invisible and help your teeth straighten.
  • You can eat anything and do not need to think about your trays.
  • And taking care of your trays like teeth means you can clean and brush easily.