First Visit Expectation: Confi Dental, Family Services.

Below is an overview of that what you can expect from our first visit to Confi Dental

Let’s try to get to know each other…

When you visit for the first time in our clinic it means your first step to getting to know each other. In the time when we ask questions, we also try to listen to you and find the problem behind any problem and share with us anything you want us.

When we try to get to know you we also want you to share your routine and stress level. Also, all these things will always be better. Certain conditions and medication can influence your treatment protocols – as you proper medical history is very important.

We use all special technology to know your oral exam and x-ray of your will be performed, including a non-invasive oral cancer screening.

You are in the best dentist hand after meeting us you will find the best result and there is nothing to worry about. Once your examination of oral is completed our team will talk to you properly and find out about the health, effective treatment plan to meet the dental and personal requirement.


We try hard to provide the best service, care and results to our patients and we always share about our treatment strategy we decided before implementing on the plan. The service we offer and care we do for our patients will also be ready to give results to everyone on proper and genuine.


This patient form will help us to know about your medical history and your current problems also related to teeth problems. The details you share with us will provide the knowledge of your health and you also will get to know what we need to bring the problem to be solved.