About Sealants

We try our best to provide the latest dental treatment to our patients as children who grow to enter into the world of adulthood will face fewer problems related to teeth as our regular patient will have more healthy teeth then the person who does not take care of teeth.

Sealants play a very important role in dental treatment when cavities take place in your teeth. When you or chewing the food you may notice the surface you use which is called Molars, and they are in more danger of coming in contact with cavities than any other teeth.

Sealants are a material used when the cavities are removed from teeth and that place gets empty to protect that hole sealant is placed and that sealant will fill in the teeth molars and will protect your teeth for a long time. This issue occurs in every age group and sealant treatment is used to fight against bacteria and protect your teeth. While chewing the food gets stuck and bacteria will start attacking the space where food is stuck normally bacteria look like canyon but in reality, they are narrower than a single brush bristle. After the treatment, your child will get protected against cavities. But still, you have to take care of the routine diet of your child in which the sugar level should be at a medium level. Sealant is material that creates a very soft and smooth area, after the filling the bacteria will not be able to attract your child teeth again.