Children's Dentistry

About Children's Dentistry

Dealing with kids is not easy because if they get any bad experience related to dentistry can become an incredible remainder. So, we have the best knowledge and experience to deal with children easily. And children are growing faster and their quality of teeth is also changing so they need to keep visiting for exams to get guarantee that their teeth are growing correctly.

Tooth decay is common and begins at an early age, as you can say every second child face problems of tooth decay at the age of 3-10 and in this age group children mostly have cavities in their permanent teeth. Parents ask that we take care of our child’s health very carefully but we don’t understand why their child is facing the problem of the cavity? The product they use includes sugar as the baby food formula must have added sugar which is not good for their child teeth especially heavily-sugared fruit juices. Even the milk of a child’s mother also causes the cavity in the teeth of the child because it includes natural sugar.

It is important to take care of the teeth of a child from the start and especially when their teeth start to appear. Bringing your newborn child on their first birthday will provide their teeth with good health. For your child, their regular (half-yearly) checkups are very important because it will help your child to grow faster and able to eat the food properly.

Our team of Professional Dentists always advise every patient of Confi Dental as these important steps or points are very helpful for the future of every child’s teeth. Dental advice will benefit your child teeth against cavities.

  • After feeding do not forget to rinse with water especially before they fall asleep.
  • Keep reminding your child to brush twice a day.
  • Reduce the level of sugar they have if there’s any black spot in teeth.
  • Do not give them milk filled with sugar before sleeping.