Porcelain Veneers

About Porcelain Veneers

Confi Dental, love to provide a beautiful new smile to our patients. We try hard to structure your smile and introduce new bright smiles which build your confidence for your whole life. Most of the time it is referred to as instant orthodontics, veneers which can dramatically transfer your smile. With the help of veneers, you will get correct chips stains and even hard discoloured teeth. The veneers will provide the best result because it is the combination of dental art and science and also has a hand of handcrafted and customized to fit a properly bright smile.

Good Planning

When the cosmetic dental treatment starts there is some planning also done by the dentist so that the chance of any mistake can be reduced and the process will do without any issue or missing information about patients. The structure is created like a model with the help of photographs and digital x-rays which we have in our lab and also create a blueprint to guide the treatment from start to end.

Next Important Steps

The next is the common step that you will get the two appointment date so that we can observe your stunning new smile and protect it from any other disease and this time it is little week any other. Our team will create a temporary repair that mimics the veneers and you will be able to wear for a month.