Oral Cancer Screening

About Oral Cancer Screening

We examine a large amount of surface in our oral exam in which we include gums, cheeks, lips, tongue and jaw. It is important to have oral cancer screening in a week and Confi Dental will also believe in keeping records of our regular patients. Mostly in oral cancer screening, we found the people who are the users of tobacco get cancer at higher risk than non-user.

Tobacco includes 4000 unknown chemicals which are mostly used in pesticides and fluid. The sign of oral cancer is cellular changes below the surface which is not easy, it only gets detected at an advanced/critical stage. If you have regular treatment of teeth with a doctor then there are many chances that it gets detected early and gets quick and complete treatment which will take patients towards recovery. We suggest that if you find any problem or unusual changes in your mouth tissues, you should consider a dentist first and after that, you can go for home remedies.

We understand the tobacco user has strong addictive power as compared to health-conscious people and if you’re serious about quitting this habit then we want to support you in your efforts. Our team has years of experience and also has positive recovery and our strategies, resources etc help us to fight back against oral cancer and kick wrong habits. Make your mind come to us to fight with this wrong habit and if you are not a user of tobacco still feeling that there is any problem then come to Confi Dental for Oral Cancer Screening.