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Searching For Dentist In Wallingford, CT? We believe that we provide the best dental service to our patients and our dentistry team uses the latest technology and material for our patients so that they will get the best treatment with lasting and genuine reports. Our Confi Dental team provides the friendly environment in which they get the best and quality treatment with care as we have years of experience and practices even we handle many cases and provide relief to our patients from dental issues.

We have excellent workplace and technology we use for you with the help of professional Dentists. You will get a dazzling smile at the best price. So, for healthy teeth book an appointment and visit our clinic once to know how effective and experienced dentists we have to provide you relief from any dental issue.


When you visit for the first time in our clinic it means your first step to getting to know each other. In the time when we ask questions, we also try to listen to you and find the problem behind any problem and share with us anything you want us.

When we try to get to know you we also want you to share your routine and stress level. Also, all these things will always be better. Certain conditions and medication can influence your treatment protocols – as you proper medical history is very important.

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Teeth Cleaning

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Tooth Replacement

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Bone Grafting

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Digital Dentistry

Our Team

Dr. MUNEET NANDA DMD Monday -Tuesday
Dr. BREISY GUZMAN DMD Thusday -Satarday

Before & After Teeth

One of the goals at Confidential, Wallingford CT is to deliver the most conventional treatment possible in every condition. The oral appliance offers simple, non-invasive treatment for the variability of situations. Irrespective of the application, every appliance we recommend is custom-crafted just for you.Whether we are giving nighttime sleep grinding, an identified case of awkward sleep apnea, bite difficulties or other jaw joint disorders, appliance treatment may be a valued supplement to your treatment. 

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